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When Jupiter moved into Libra on September 9, , this planet of good fortune will fill your twelfth house of behind-the-scenes work until October You will excel in building strategy and understand human motivation on a very deep level. If you are studying psychology or are a psychologist, you will excel in your work at that time.

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If you need to finish a large project, such as to wrap up your thesis, your book, or screenplay, you will get much done during those 13 months. You will also have a guardian angel not the make-believe fuzzy blue kind of your imagination, but a real life, flesh and blood person who cares about how you do in life.

This person is likely highly placed and will work quietly to see that you do well in the coming year. This person may not want you to know they are going out of their way to help you, or if you do find out, keep their participation secret. During this time, you will be preparing for one of the best years of your life, when good-fortune Jupiter will enter Scorpio, to start on October 10, , and to extend straight into November 8, It will also be necessary to delete some of the clutter in your life — decide which projects and arrangements still hold a fashination for you, and which ones do not.

Do some people undermine your confidence? You need to listen to their advice, but distance yourself from them while you reflect on what that person close to you is saying. Is it correct? If so, take baby steps to strengthen your performance or approach to things. If you feel their opinions are not at all justified, allow limited interactions between the two of you.

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  5. If you want to take a big, important trip abroad, you have time to get ready. Maybe that seems daunting, but I believe in you, Sag.

    Scorpio 2019 -2020 Astrology Annual Forecast

    You've got this. From Nov.

    Scorpio Horoscope for October 12222

    Keep your wits about you, and just stay put for a minute, OK? Pisces, dear, consider the relationships that really add positivity to your life. The new year isn't just a time to cleanse yourself of toxic connections although that's always a good idea ; it's also about strengthening and recognizing the kinds of relationships that support your overall well-being. Saturn wants you to be as strong as you can be, from the inside out. When feelings of insecurity creep up, thank them for reminding you why you don't need them anymore.

    The coming year is simply asking you to consider how you spend your time and precious energy, Scorpio. This might just serve as a reminder that being with the people you love is more important than working those extra hours at the office. Go where it's warm, and take notice of what ruins that positive energy for you.


    Embrace the good and reject the bad, in all facets of life. You've got a Mercury retrograde period headed toward your sign between Nov. Libra, you've learned so much from your past — so much so that it's sometimes haunted you.

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    8. You've spent time coming to terms with how the past has imprinted itself on you, and what that means for the development of your character. So now, as the planets shift in , this is a time for you to let go of what doesn't serve, and double down on what does. Doing so will help you feel lighter, both mentally and physically, and you'll be able to go deeper into your own life. Think of your arrival in the new year like a high school or college graduation: The world is your oyster, Libra.

      And when the first new moon of hits on Jan. Above all, just make sure to keep looking forward while holding your life-long lessons close to your heart as you do so. Love is the tie that binds it all together, right Cancer? Make room for it! Open your eyes to it. And yes, this goes without saying: open your heart.

      You are as emotionally intelligent as they come, Cancer, but sometimes, you do tend toward being a little on the shifty, manipulative side. You don't need any of that anymore, so do the work to put any old, tired, emotionally unhealthy practices to bed. Get honest.

      Scorpio Horoscope for September - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

      Open up to people. See what you can give to others. You might just be surprised at how much you get in return from doing so. By Annakeara Stinson. As astrologer Chani Nicholas wisely notes, In astrology, the signs are the style in which a planet expresses itself. Pour your energy into your career, and professionally you will flourish. Aries March 21—April 19 : According to Miller, Jupiter is going to bring you a lot of money this year.

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      Miller says a baby could be coming. Leo July 23—August 22 : Miller says Leos should spend focusing on their home. According to Miller, luck with money is in your favor in

      scorpio astrology by susan miller Scorpio astrology by susan miller
      scorpio astrology by susan miller Scorpio astrology by susan miller
      scorpio astrology by susan miller Scorpio astrology by susan miller
      scorpio astrology by susan miller Scorpio astrology by susan miller
      scorpio astrology by susan miller Scorpio astrology by susan miller
      scorpio astrology by susan miller Scorpio astrology by susan miller

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