Libra astrological chart

Extreme air sign energy abound.

Libra Second Decan Horoscope

We waste no time this month: The first eclipse sets the stage on July 2. With the Sun and Moon meeting in Cancer, this powerful lunation activates the area of your chart linked to career aspirations, public image, and long-term success. Ultimately, eclipses want you to access your highest vibration—and, yes, it does take hard work to achieve all you desire. Stay the course. If you do encounter some unexpected slowdowns, be sure to find compassion for yourself. Mercury is cruising backward from July 7 through July 31, which makes everything a little bit sucky.

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Mercury rules communication, so when this messenger planet spins in reverse, it can inadvertently distort the most simple exchanges. With this celestial body flipping in the area of your chart associated with interpersonal relationships, you should be extra careful with your intellectual processing.

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You should always read the contracts you sign, but during Mercury Retrograde, quadruple-check the fine print. Eclipses always travel in pairs and the second will touch down on July This lunar eclipse will create a powerful tension across the Cancer-Capricorn axis, encouraging you to not just consider your career, and how it relates to your perception of home and family. Sure, you may be crushing it at work, but are you dishes taking over the sink?

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The personality of people born under the Zodiac Sign Libra are kind, gentle and lovers of beauty, obsessed with symmetry, harmony and peace. Romantic Their ruling planet is Venus, and they are extremely romantic people. Whatever they do in life is driven by the feelings of love. If you are single and looking forward to meeting your loved one for the first time, try the Birth Chart based customised service Plan your first date Charming They have a very pleasing manner of talking and also choose pleasant subjects to talk about, which makes people feel happy in their company. Just They have a strong sense of justice and fair play.

They may skilfully find their way out, but they will never resort to cunning methods to get what they want. To use your strengths to their full potential, try the Birth Chart based personalised service Chart your Destiny Diplomatic They are well-known for their diplomatic skills and have the ability to listen to differing points of view with a great deal of patience. Balanced The Scales will never go to extremes, and will mostly choose the middle path in order to please everyone around them, whatever the issues may be.

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Negative Traits Superficial The Libra-born can easily get carried away by outer beauty, to the extent that they may ignore the beautiful inner qualities of other people. Detached People born under the Zodiac Sign Libra are firm and strong, but they can also be detached and pretend to be pleasant sometimes as they don't wish to displease anyone.

Unreliable A Libra native can easily be influenced by the views of other people and are prone to keep changing their minds. If is difficult to understand whether they will keep their promises. Laid-back The Scales, though mostly energetic, can sometimes be lazy and may tend to take things easy.

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libra astrological chart Libra astrological chart
libra astrological chart Libra astrological chart
libra astrological chart Libra astrological chart
libra astrological chart Libra astrological chart
libra astrological chart Libra astrological chart
libra astrological chart Libra astrological chart
libra astrological chart Libra astrological chart

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