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You will enjoy the stability and the respect you receive from your friends, family and colleagues. You are stretching your abilities so much that you may feel that you have already lived years—in the good sense, as a wiser person. Jupiter is moving back into Taurus from mid-February through June to crown you the celestial favorite. This will bring you enormous rewards for hard work, so hang in there. Without a doubt, the year will be a critical, benchmark year for you, against which you will measure all others. This random emotional behavior is a result of Saturn dour and Jupiter cheerful , which are touring Taurus simultaneously.

Luckily, you are an earthy Taurus who is able to keep your expectations well grounded.

Yet in addition to having both Jupiter and Saturn in your sign a headline event in its own right there is an even bigger aspect coming in May. It involves a build up of planetary energy in Taurus that is heretofore unseen by the citizens of planet earth.

Love is omnipresent…

Seven out of ten planets will crowd together in Taurus on May , , including the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, plus the important new moon. To say you will be leading the pack in is an understatement. This event will have long-range ramifications far past those exact dates, and will influence your life in years to come. The only similar cosmic event the world community has seen in our lifetime was a preponderance of planets in Aquarius on February 4, Shortly thereafter, mankind took an adventurous leap forward—Neil Armstrong and his crew made a successful lunar landing several years later.

This was not a surprising outcome, because Aquarius rules exploration into uncharted territory especially related to space and science and technology. The sign of Taurus has a different orientation; creature comfort, stability and the full enjoyment of life. Taurus also rules wealth, land and agriculture, beautiful objects and sensual experiences art, fine food, wine and music , stocks and bonds, precious metals, and everything related to financial security.

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In fact, with so much energy in Taurus that week, we may be due for stock market action. In lieu of experimentation and risk-taking, Taurus values practicality, devotion, stability, loyalty and financial prudence. Taurus is, after all, one of the great producers and builders of the zodiac. While Taurus loves to make money, he or she also believes in stopping to smell the roses once in a while. This preponderance of planetary energy in your sign will influence everyone to debate what we should do with the technology we already have.

Taurus Horoscope 2020 Predictions

Ironically, Taurus, the sign of the Luddite computer and techno-phobes , is the one the cosmos has chosen to lead us into the next century. It is as if the universe is telling us that if Taurus can learn to use computers and to possibly even love them , the rest of us can, too. Taurus is known to take life as is, without so much as a grain of unnecessary change, but even you will be propelled into action in and in years to come.

When so many planets build up in one sign, the taste and style of that sign becomes the fashion of the day. Taurus, get ready to feel very much at home on planet earth. You are a modest, unassuming sign, and have never been too concerned about whether others regarded you or your opinions as hip or cool. You shrugged off such questions, knowing you had the right answer in your heart.

You may be bewildered to find that all your instincts are exactly right and that much of society is coming around to your point of view, instead of the other way around. Still, nothing is easy, and when we have the seven-planet build up in Taurus in May , there will be three planets that are left out. Those are Pluto, Neptune and Uranus. However, both Uranus and Neptune are angry that they were not invited to this cosmic celebration. They are both standing at degree angles to this lineup a very harsh configuration , so they will start to act up.

You will need to be ready to protect your interests against unexpected forces and events Uranus and may find that you have to navigate through a confused or unclear atmosphere Neptune. These planets seem to be sharpening your resolve and keep you alert.

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This is good, for often when people are given superb aspects their first inclination is to fall asleep at the wheel. Life gets much more pleasant, and after having Saturn on your Sun in —making you battle both partners and daily life—your relief will be so welcome in the first half of the year that there will be no adjustment necessary.

Uranus and Neptune will give you a caffeine-like rush of energy to strengthen your resolve. You can win in any situation because the cards are so strongly stacked in your favor, but you will have to make an effort. Like King Arthur entering into battle, you will be called upon to prove your worth and the depth of your determination. A steadfast commitment to your goals will be necessary before you can dream of emerging triumphant. We could see rain and flooding, seismic activity, mud slides, erupting volcanoes, or tidal waves.

We may even hear of a piece of cosmic debris coming crashing to earth from space hopefully into the ocean. Landmasses may shift under these conditions or there may be trouble with bridges. While it will be impossible to know exactly where these events will happen, Taurus rules land, so there is a strong possibility we will be hearing about more than usual of these events. Taurus also rules real estate and agriculture, so with the challenge of Neptune and Uranus, a related event or two is quite likely.

At the same time, Taurus is the sign most strongly associated with insurance, so being well insured should protect your interests in case of any eventuality. Others laugh at your insistence on being ready for rainy days and enjoying the sunny ones to the hilt, but you may have the last laugh later. As I said, everyone is coming around to your way of thinking.

You got such a strong workout from relationships in that some of you may have wondered if you would be better off without one. Now, now, dear Taurus—not so fast.

Taurus Horoscope

Last year you had a cranky Mars turning itself on and off. Mars rules Scorpio, and is the ruler of your 7th sector of relationships and close ties.

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One of these close ties in particular was quite hard to handle—especially true from January to early September and during the eclipses of late January, mid-February, late-July and mid-August. The eclipses only exacerbated the problem. You have no such aspects this year. Jupiter is about to move into your Sun sign on February 15 and is set to stay through June.

This is marvelous news and virtually guarantees that whatever seeds you plant in your garden during that time will bear fruit. By that I mean not only will you make amazing career progress, but you may find the kind of love you thought only existed in great literature. You could easily wind up in a soaring love affair—the kind that comes complete with passion and drama and makes your friends a bit envious.

Taurus is not generally known for this kind of emotional output you are more reserved , but as I said earlier, changes everything. One of your best periods this year will be during the first week of July, when you can transform your most romantic dreams into reality. A romance during any year would be an improvement over the partnership strife and struggle you experienced in early- to mid Try to be patient with them, Taurus—after all, you know how much you hate being prodded and pushed.

The important thing is to keep the lines of communication open: Mercury spends most of the fall in your opposite sign of Scorpio including some of his retrograde period, October November 3 , and Venus is in Scorpio from November December Just be mindful that, with the south node in Sagittarius starting May 5 , it may be harder to keep an open mind. Year of Get ready, Taurus: is going to be a game-changer. Taking care of these now will spare you a lot of headaches later.

Venus also spends four months in the sign April 3-August 7, retrograde May June 24 , reminding you of the beauty and value of what you bring to the marketplace. Knowing your worth allows you to be adaptable, while holding out for what you truly desire and deserve.

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february 5 2020 taurus horoscope February 5 2020 taurus horoscope
february 5 2020 taurus horoscope February 5 2020 taurus horoscope
february 5 2020 taurus horoscope February 5 2020 taurus horoscope
february 5 2020 taurus horoscope February 5 2020 taurus horoscope
february 5 2020 taurus horoscope February 5 2020 taurus horoscope
february 5 2020 taurus horoscope February 5 2020 taurus horoscope

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