Cancer weekly 17 to 23 tarot horoscope

Bring it on home with the Taurus Full Moon!
Cancer Weekly Astrology & Tarot Horoscope June 17-24 2019

But that's no excuse to stay put and refuse to expand your horizons. So if you feel something special for this person, take a leap of faith and explore the relationship. Something magical just might come out of it! Taurus, you have the power to manifest whatever you want in your life.

And deep down you have already experienced this multiple times, even if your logical mind has tried to explain away such circumstances as mere coincidences or flukes of luck. Well, the Magician is telling you that you can do the same with your love life. Just remember: if your intentions are not pure, you will absolutely end up regretting what you manifest. Because of karma, hello!

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So make sure you wish for things that are pure and true and good for your soul's growth. Gemini, your spirit guides and angels are trying to communicate with you. And they will send you messages through ordinary people and circumstances. So be sure to keep an eye out for these signs, especially when you feel a twinge in your gut.

Alternatively, you might have an Aquarius or another air sign in your life right now. And something major is going to happen this week that will revolve around them.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer, this week is not going to be kind to you because a heartbreak seems to be on the horizon. You may be involved with someone who is a bit famous in your circle. And this heartbreak will make you feel as if you have lost both love and the public's favor. But that's just in your head. You need to stop obsessing in silence and actually go interact with people, especially your loved ones, to get clarity on this situation.

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You have been working hard over the past few weeks or months , Leo. And you are about to taste the harvest this week. It won't be an extravagant reap, mind you, but it will be nice enough to put a smile on your face. Alternatively, you might be involved with someone who will finally approach you and make you an offer of commitment. Even if it's something small like dating each other exclusively. You have a secret admirer , Virgo.

And all they can think about is getting intimate with you. So expect to hear from this person soon.

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Because they are coming at you with a big passionate confession. Someone is manipulating you, Libra. Someone with child-like energy or face.

Daily Horoscope Cancer

And if you let your guard down, they will play you for a fool and run off with your precious time. So be extra careful and vigilant this week.


More so if you already thought of someone while reading this. Sometimes the best way to end a fight is to be patient and let your partner come to you, Scorpio. This will show them you are willing to give them the space to think for themselves and make a decision of their own. And that's powerful in a relationship.

Life doesn't have to be a constant battle, but with a Full Moon lining to prudent Saturn and potent Pluto, it can seem like this. You may be in a sensitive mood, and this might make it more difficult to handle people who seem critical or overwhelming.

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Current energies reveal you don't have to please everyone Cancer. Slow down and consider your feelings, as they really do count. The Sun and clever Mercury angle towards dreamy Neptune, which could get holiday planning off to a positive start, at least in theory.

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In practice, input from others can cause confusion and might make you question their information. Don't rely on them, no matter how much they insist they know. The current star map suggests trusting your gut Cancer, and proceeding from there. An activity that is having quite an impact on you, may have started out as a seed of an idea a couple of weeks ago. Whether linked to a creative project or a hobby, you could now realize its potential and want to commit further. With Mercury continuing in its rewind phase though, see this as a time of exploration and experimentation, as doing so can enrich your original plans.

The early Full Moon across your social axis can coincide with the deepening of a relationship, or an encounter with someone from the past. Conversations can inspire healing if you need closure, and bring a chance to reconnect in a profound way if you are meeting after some time.

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There are opportunities for collaborating with others Cancer, and bringing meaningful plans into reality.

cancer weekly 17 to 23 tarot horoscope Cancer weekly 17 to 23 tarot horoscope
cancer weekly 17 to 23 tarot horoscope Cancer weekly 17 to 23 tarot horoscope
cancer weekly 17 to 23 tarot horoscope Cancer weekly 17 to 23 tarot horoscope
cancer weekly 17 to 23 tarot horoscope Cancer weekly 17 to 23 tarot horoscope
cancer weekly 17 to 23 tarot horoscope Cancer weekly 17 to 23 tarot horoscope

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