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Scientific or philosophical research maybe of great interest. You may shun spiritual beliefs and feel a lack of respect for those who have a strong sense of spirituality in their lives. But not having this type of spiritual connection in your life, makes you feel flat and sometimes empty.

You probably feel bogged down or boxed in by routine, rituals or blind faith. You continually question the latest fad or intellectual thought, only to feel disappointed in the end.

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You're looking for that perfect spiritual path mixed with intellect, hoping to find the right balance between the two. From a past life perspective, there may have been a lifetime when you were persecuted for your spiritual or ethical beliefs. This experience has probably left you feeling uneasy about embracing anything larger than yourself out of fear of another existence of persecution. You may be concerned about showing your wisdom, feeling fearful of responsibility or for jeopardizing the positions of those who listen to you.

To overcome these lessons, try to listen to your inner voice or intuition. We all have gut feelings, and a healthy amount of skepticism is a good thing. But too much can keep you from finding the balance you seek. Take a little step and start with meditation. Even if you don't want to associate it with a spiritual path, you can't deny the scientific benefits of such an exercise. When you do meditate, take time to listen to your inner voice and you might find the perfect path you're looking for.

Mars Mars requires days to travel one cycle around the Sun depending on the time of year. It's stationary for up to 5 days. Its retrograde period happens every 2 years and it stays in this state for 2 to 2 and a half months. Mars rules over physical needs or physical expressions of emotions. As the Planet of War, when Mars is in a retrograde period it can create anger and discord. Often it turns inward and people go through periods of great self doubt.

Passive aggression, inner angst, stress and anguish are all contributions of the Mars retrograde. This inner angst can be released in unhealthy ways, and directed at others.

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Such as creating illness, heightened stress, an increase in conflicts and severe road rage. But people who are fairly balanced individuals, both in emotion and nature, may not be as affected by this retrograde as others might be. But be assured that no one escapes it's affects. Short tempers can be applied to even the most calm and patient people. Mars Past Life: If Mars is in retrograde in your chart you may find that you have difficulty in speaking up for yourself.

A lack of self confidence, lack of direction or other self-imposed emotional blocks can hold you back from achieving your dreams. You probably look to others to fight your battles and are always disappointed when no one steps forward in your defense. You may also have feelings of being a doormat for the one you love. If you do speak up, it's probably when you've taken all you can. The anger builds and when released it's often out of proportion, quickly and often times extremely harshly directed towards others. This could be caused from a past life experience when you directed to perform regrettable acts under someone else's orders or demands.

Such as a soldier, a guard or potentially a criminal. To overcome these lessons, try hobbies for focusing your frustrations and stress in a productive manner. Such as building, hammering, gardening or other types of physical activities. Learning techniques for relaxation can also be of great value. Not only for calming your emotions and stresses, but also for looking inward to examine and overcome those issues you've brought into this lifetime to work on.

Mercury The Mercury retrograde is perhaps the best known retrograde. It requires 88 days to make a complete pass around the Sun and remains stationary for anywhere between a few hours or a few days, depending on the time of year. This planet goes into retrograde 3 times a year for about 3 weeks each time. Mercury has the highest frequency of retrograde, but stays in this cycle for the shortest length of time. Mercury rules over communication and thought or thinking things through.

Communication is greatly affected by this planet's pull. During this period, individuals may find their messages can be conveyed through other less familiar mediums. Messages may be misunderstood; whispers may be overheard and mail or email may be misdirected. Reviewing legal matters can become confusing, or unclear. Public speaking can become difficult, and those giving speeches can be easily misquoted.

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  7. You may find it easier to provide self-expression through other forms rather than verbal or written. Mercury Past Life: If Mercury is in retrograde in your chart, communications are probably tough for you today. You may find your words can get you into trouble or you may be afraid to speak your mind for fear of the consequences.

    As a past life influence, it's likely that you were once scorned for speaking out; perhaps your words significantly hurt a person, or a people. You may have even influenced a riot and were then punished for your words. A Mercury retrograde symbolizes that you are afraid to say the wrong thing, or that people take your words in the wrong way.


    So you may find it easier to not speak at all. To overcome these lessons, you should believe in yourself and the ability of your communication skills. Practice public speaking and celebrate the achievement of speaking to a group. Neptune It takes years for Neptune to circle the Sun. It can spend 14 years in each Sign of the Zodiac.

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    Neptune goes into retrograde 5 months out of every year. Neptune rules over logic and the importance of balance or the flow of life. When in retrograde, logic falls to the wayside. People gain an increased interest in intuition or esoteric matters. Dreams and psychic abilities find new followers, as people beginning to analyze their inner natures. New outlets of communications come to the surface as artistic abilities get expressed. Neptune is also the ruler over bacteria, viruses and the immune system.

    So when it goes retrograde, allergies may kick up or worsen. In addition, children who are given vaccinations during this time, can develop stronger reactions to the drugs. Many people will suffer with an over-sensitive immune system and can develop more serious diseases. Neptune Past Life: If Neptune is in retrograde is in your chart, you are prone to escape reality through delusion or dream. Few people really knows what goes on in your mind, wither you're sitting across from the dinner table or at your desk in the office.

    Even while you're working, you have a strong tendency to drift off into daydreams to more pleasurable pursuits.

    Mercury retrograde, explained WITHOUT astrology

    This can be one of the most dangerous retrograde positions in the Astrological chart system. This position can cause people to be inhibited and lack the confidence to reach for their dreams in reality. Consequently they may find escape from the proceeved failure through an abuse of drugs or alcohol. They may also fall into an escape from reality al together and have bouts with various forms of mental illness. From a past life perspective, you may have had a lifetime where your dreams were laughed at, put down or forbidden in some fashion.

    Or you may have been forced to give up your life long dream in exchange for other responsibilities, such as becoming the bread winner for your family unexpectedly. These past restrictions may cause you to have a penchant for escapism, or to have extreme expressions of your creativity. This has probably gotten the best of you and caused other problems in various aspects of your current life.

    To overcome these lessons, you need to learn how to rise above challenges that come across your path. If you abuse drugs, alcohol or use other unhealthy behaviors to escape your responsibilities or the unpleasant moments of life, you will need to seek help and overcome these habits and desires.

    To rise above these challenges, use your creativity in a positive manner. Learn to control it and not let it control you. Focus your efforts to not only better yourself and your life, but consider helping others who are going through much tougher situations than you are. Pluto It takes years for Pluto to rotate around the Sun.

    So this planet can spend up to 21 years in each Sign. It typically spends 17 days in a stationary position and about 5 months in retrograde during each Earth year. Pluto rules over generations, learning from each generation to the next.


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    It also rules over history and learning from the past. Pluto's retrograde brings change, with fresh starts and dead ends. During this period, things we hang onto the most can suddenly be taken away causing us to reevaluate what we value most. Change can occur through destruction and rebuilding or rejuvenation and regeneration. Outside forces are at work as well, including government upheaval, weapons and war. Change can often be difficult, and sometimes being forced into change is the only way to push some people forward in life.

    Pluto Past Life: If Pluto is in retrograde in your chart, you face issue of control. Feeling as if you must control all things in and around your life. Often to the extreme and at expense of others. Holding onto relationships so tight they become suffocating to your partner. Or holding onto past relationships, refusing to let go and move on. From a past life perspective, you were probably ostracized from your family, community or exiled from your home country. You may have been the scapegoat for the community and you stood alone for bad deeds that perhaps you didn't even commit.

    These past incarnation have left you feeling mistrustful of others, especially those close to you. To overcome these lessons, it's time to learn trust, of yourself and of others. People are not out to get you in this lifetime. If you do allow the manipulation of others to affect you, you're letting them control your emotions and your actions.

    So you must learn to let the weaknesses of others slide off you. Don't give them the grip to hang on and they'll be forced to find another to focus on. Use your knowledge and wisdom of the past as benefit to hone your instincts, learn who to avoid, who to trust and most of all how to believe and trust in yourself. Saturn Saturn's average cycle around the Sun is 29 and a half years. Its stationary period, lasts for about 11 or 12 days.

    And once a year it goes retrograde for about 4 and a half months. One of the two social planets, Saturn slows everything down. But in retrograde it can be a tough taskmaster. It can make us work harder or take longer to think things through, for both our actions or the events occurring around us. There are no short cuts during this time period and detailed plans shouldn't be rushed.


    Take time to breathe and do things right the first time. Issues with authority may also be in the forefront during this retrograde. Working on legal matters, such as contracts or deals may be delayed. Deadlines may be extended and may find yourself working on something you thought was already complete. Saturn Past Life: If Saturn is in retrograde in your chart, you may always be in conflict with authority. You may feel persecuted by your boss or upper management. Or you may abuse your own authority or position. You have difficultly in setting limitations, or determining the limits of others around you.

    You may have problems with voicing your opinions to those in authority, therefore allowing yourself to be victimized. Patience will also be a lesson. From a past life experience you may have had a lifetime in an abusive situation. Either as the victim or the abuser. You may have been a prisoner, enslaved or you may once been an abusive ruler.

    Along with these situations, you were probably immensely impatient. Looking for an easy way out of being abused or looking to make your life easier by making others do even the simplest of tasks for you. More Details Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Karmic Astrology, Vol. Be the first to ask a question about Karmic Astrology, Vol. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

    Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. Sort order. Jun 13, Jean rated it really liked it. Great information. Although I've studied Astrology for over 35 years, I never got into karmic Astrology. Schulman has a great way of explaining how important the nodes of the moon are in determining past lives, and I'm learning so much!

    Jan 13, Stargazer rated it really liked it Shelves: astrology. THE node book, great reference book. Dec 13, C. I refer to this book when working with the Moon's Nodes. Apr 09, Kathy Allan rated it it was amazing. This is a well-written book which I used as a spring-board for my own research on the nodes.

    I reached different conclusions than he did about how the nodes worked, but then as a scientist, I am reluctant to hypothesize on tenets that can't be tested. May 12, Dipa Sanatani rated it really liked it. An interesting read But Amazon displays all the books in the Karmic Astrology series as one single book.

    Hence I can't add this one seperately. Jul 22, Midori Ikeda rated it it was amazing. A guideline to living.

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    Karmic astrology retrogrades and reincarnation pdf

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